Corporate criminal law Deroulez Avocat Paris
corporate criminal law, Deroulez Avocat, lawyer, Paris
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Corporate criminal law

    Successive reforms of criminal procedure (notably concerning detention) and the emergence of both European criminal law and case law from the European Court of Justice and the European Human Rights Court have profoundly developed the field of criminal defense.


    As a result of these ongoing changes, lawyers have a key role to play in the criminal defense of their clients.


    With Jérôme DEROULEZ’s years of professional experience, DEROULEZ law firm has developed an impressive level of expertise in the field of corporate criminal law and criminal procedure.


    DEROULEZ law firm works in the following areas:


    • Criminal economic law (corruption, influence peddling, favouritism)
    • Criminal business law (fraud, breach of trust, asset misappropriation fraud)
    • Criminal consumer law (deceptive marketing practices, fraud and deception)
    • Corporate employment law offences

    The firm acts at every stage of the criminal procedure:

    • Hearings and detention
    • Searches
    • Assistance in the context of criminal investigations
    • Filing complaints and litigation
    • Criminal hearings


    DEROULEZ law firm offers its clients prevention tools and trainings on criminal risk.