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Data protection

Comprehensive and pro-active approach to dataprotection.



Supporting and fostering the blockchain revolution.


Corporate criminal law

Active criminal defense based on daily practice and high-level expertise


Deroulez Law firm

DEROULEZ Law firm is dedicated to data protection law.

On the basis of its acknowledged experience and expertise, DEROULEZ Law firm supports its clients in a complex legislative and regulatory framework.

New technologies are at the heart of the strategy of the DEROULEZ Law Firm: we support numerous initiatives in Brussels regarding IoT, blockchain or cyber security.


DEROULEZ Law Firm was created by Jérôme Deroulez, Lawyer admitted to the Paris and Brussels Bar. As a judge, Jerome was appointed investigating magistrate. He was then in charge of European and international negotiations at the Ministry of Justice. Justice and Home Affairs counsellor to the French Permanent Representation in Brussels from 2009 to 2013, Jerome Deroulez was involved in the negotiations of European legislation and international agreements in the field of data protection law, private international law and criminal judicial cooperation.