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DEROULEZ Avocat: a law firm with proven and recognized practical expertise in data protection law. Global strategies, pragmatic and business focused advice.
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Data protection law

    Protection of personal data has become an intrinsic part of the strategy, reputation and management of clientele alongside the organization of businesses. Indeed, the upcoming 2018 implementation of the European regulation on data protection makes it a priority topic.


    With proven and recognized expertise in the field of data protection law and private international law, DEROULEZ law firm boasts skills and provides services which are specially adapted to its clients and their environment. The firm is regularly involved in events concerning data protection issues in France and across Europe.


    DEROULEZ law firm acts as a long-term partner to its clients and offers the following services:


    • Implementation of a personal data protection policy
    • Definition of compliance and conformity skills
    • Designation of a data protection officer (DPO)
    • Risk assessments and treatment of data breaches
    • Impact assessments
    • Labels and certifications
    • Codes of good conduct
    • International transfers of personal data
    • Subcontracts
    • Relations with data protection authorities, such as the CNIL in France
    • Assistance with inspections and litigation


    DEROULEZ law firm can also provide training tools and specific support.


    DEROULEZ law firm constantly monitors legislative negotiations and discussions in France and internationally, as well as analytical tools for the legislative and regulatory process.


    • Decision-making systems mapping
    • Legislative, regulatory and normative timetables
    • Leveraging and advocacy tools


    As a natural extension of its expertise in the field, DEROULEZ law firm also intervenes in lobbying.