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DEROULEZ Law Firm has developed a solid expertise in the field of data protection law in France and Europe and offers global assistance (advising and litigation).

The firm provides its clients with an horizontal and strategic legal framework (audit, compliance, implementation of the processing of personal data, follow-up of existing processing, international transfers…).


DEROULEZ Law Firm provides its clients dedicated tools regarding the application in 2018 of the European Regulation on data protection.

DEROULEZ Law Firm offers specific services in order to submit its clients:

  •   A permanent and pro-active legal monitoring service
  •  State of play of decision systems (legal and regulatory) both at national and European level,
  •   Legislative and regulatory agenda,
  •  Awareness and influence campaigns.


We provides our clients specific and dedicated expertise in the following areas:

  •  Data protection law
  •  New technologies and digital rights
  •  European Union law


As such, the law firm is also closely following some texts under negotiation in Brussels:

  •  Entry into force and application of the “data protection package”
  •  Digital Single Market and digital agenda
  •  Revision of the e-privacy directive
  •  Legal framework for the Internet of Tools (IoT)

With recognized expertise in legislative and regulatory environment of the European Union, both institutional decision-making processes and influence networks, DEROULEZ Law Firm provides support in public relations in Paris and Brussels.

The firm’s philosophy is to help our clients to grow their business by providing a forward-looking approach to their legislative and regulatory environment.

The law firm advises and represents the interests of its clients thanks to its extensive knowledge of the French administrative system and the institutional environment of the European Union. DEROULEZ Law Firm provides its clients lobbying tools in France and Brussels in accordance with the ethical and professional rules, in order to implement targeted actions.

DEROULEZ Law Firm is also involved, where necessary, in the areas of criminal law and business criminal law (in particular in the field of digital criminal law) from the early stage of investigations to the trial stage, aiming at providing its clients a pro-active and responsive criminal law defense. It also offers them criminal risk prevention tools.