Blockchain Technology Law Firm - Deroulez Avocat, Paris Brussels
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    Technology of storage with transparent and secure transmission of information without a central review body, blockchain has launched a technological revolution with regards to:


    • Smart contracts
    • Insurance
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Fab-labs
    • Copyright, artistic creation
    • Filing, registries


    Blockchain has brought about an unprecedented redefinition of state authorities and is on the agenda of regulators and legislators across the world.


    Having been involved with this revolutionary technology for many years, including the creation of a multidisciplinary working group, DEROULEZ law firm is a key player in the examination of:


    • Legal issues of blockchain
    • Ways of regulating blockchain
    • Innovative solutions that could be provided by blockchain


    On projects involving blockchain technology, DEROULEZ law firm offers its clients:


    • Expertise
    • Constant monitoring of blockchain in France and abroad
    • Impact assessments and audits
    • Legal assistance: advice and litigation
    • Advice on risk management
    • Public relations services


    As a member of the Incubator of the Paris Bar, Jérôme DEROULEZ intervenes regularly with regards to blockchain.